Crystal Clear is pleased to annouce the launch of a groundbreaking e-Literacy programme, focussed particularly on retail and manufacturing sectors. In the age of austerity, managers are trying to do more with less. Yet research shows that 20-30% of the workforce struggles with basic spelling. This has flow on effects in terms of efficiency, ability to follow instructions, customer service, and this profitability.

According to Crystal Clear Director, Judy Kirk, one to one tuition has always been able to fix many of these problems for workers. Indeed she has a track record of doing just that.

However in the current econonomic environment, the typical costs of 1:1 correcting tuition are simply too high.

Hence the idea to provide the training on a 1:1 basis via video.

This brings the costs right down yet everything is scalable and trackable.

Managers can even quickly benchmark literacy levels before and after, and place a value on the programme in terms of increased efficiency.


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