Dr Judy Kirk
Director, Crystal Clear

Dr Judy Kirk has spent the last 20 years diagnosing and teaching adults and children with reading and spelling problems. She understands that the type of programme that has been fashionable for teaching spelling in schools has not suited many people. She also understands that many adults with dyslexia were not given the spelling courses they needed at school. As a result many employers find they have talented employees whose spelling is not up to the standard required for their job. Further many employees find that problems with spelling are preventing them achieving in their employment at the levels they would like to because of their spelling problem. Although they wish to improve many adults do not have the kind of jobs that allow them to attend spelling courses.

Judy has written the Crystal Clear Video Spelling Programme to make it easy for employees to:
understand the strategies and information they require to improve their spelling; and
work at applying the strategies and information while they work.

Her understanding of spelling problems is built on 20 years of successfully teaching problem spellers one-on-one and in groups. She understands why adults have not learned to spell and what is required to create a successful programme for them.

Judy’s PhD research study involved designing and teaching a reading and spelling programme for six dyslexic teenagers and analysing the progress they made. She knows that if a person, and especially an adult person, wishes to improve their spelling they can do it if they are given good spelling strategies and the right information. The videos in the Crystal Clear Spelling Programme are designed to provide such strategies and information.

Judy has written and delivered many professional development courses to teachers and testers in University Continuing Education programmes, College of Education Professional Development programmes and through SPELD in New Zealand. She has also written and delivered the tester training course for SPELD New Zealand.

As well as her Literacy achievements Judy has attended Leadership courses given by the New Zealand Institute of Management and is an elected member in local government.


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