Is Spelling a Problem?  Improve it While You Work

Learn to spell the words you use while you are using them
The Crystal Clear Spelling Programme allows YOU to take control of your spelling. It teaches you the strategies and the spelling knowledge you need to be a great speller and you practise while you work. No classes to attend; no spelling sheets to work through. You learn to spell the words you use while you are using them.

Watch a video for a minute or two to learn each step.
Crystal Clear has a series of short video presentations that cover the strategies you need to be a good speller. It also teaches you essential spelling information you didn’t learn at school. We send you ‘books’ of videos. Each video teaches you a strategy to use so you can help yourself to spell. The videos come at different levels so we can give you a book of videos that is just right for you.

I’ve forgotten what to do: Watch the video again
Because the videos come in books written for you at your level you can go back and replay each one if you forget what to do.

How many videos will I need to watch?
There are four modules covering ALL the strategies and information you need to be a great speller. It depends how much you know and how difficult you find spelling. Some people will only need to watch Module 1 which has six videos AND a video showing you how to use your spelling checker to help with spelling problems. For some Module 1 will be enough.

What are the four Modules:

Module 1:
Teaching Your Eyes to be a Good Camera

Module 2:
Teaching Your Ears to Record All Sound in Words

Module 3:
Making Brain Velcro for Remembering Spelling

Module 4:
Building an Excellent Brain Filing System

You can see that The Crystal Clear Video Spelling Programme is designed to be a practical programme that is easy to work through.


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