Up to 40% of people discover the spelling code for themselves quite easily whether they are taught or not.

About 30% will get there, but slowly. The last 20%-30% will not learn it without good teaching.

Brain imaging work has shown that the brain activity of struggling spellers is quite different from that of good spellers. However, with appropriate and systematic teaching, spelling improved and the brain images began to look like those of good spellers.

Most people have not learned to spell as children at school because spelling programmes in schools have been modelled around teaching to spell the words that a child is using instead of teaching the spelling strategies and rules. In addition a small proportion of bad spellers have dyslexia. These people can learn to spell but it is more of a battle.

Both these groups of people learn through their school years to write at their spelling levels. Bad spellers can often be identified in the workplace because their writing does not seem to match their ability level. Some will also often substitute similar looking but unrelated words as for example: for/of, for/from, help/held, fell/fall, help/held.

It takes consistent work and practice to become a good speller. You can easily understand the spelling process and how to use it. The Crystal Clear Spelling programme provides all the strategies and rules required. Success will come with using these consistently while working on the job.

Research shows that to be a good speller an adult needs three sets of information

  • How to hear sounds and syllables in words
  • How to see and remember the letters that represent sounds in words
  • Recognising the parts of words that have meaning. Parts of words which have meaning are usually spelled the same in different words even if they are pronounced differently. Photograph, photographer is an example.

Remembering the spelling of parts of words that have meaning plays a greater role in learning to spell the longer, more complex words that adults use when they write.

The Crystal Clear Video Spelling Programme provides clear and essential strategies and rules for hearing sounds in words, matching the letters to the sounds, and understanding the importance of using the meaning of the parts of words. It teaches how to put all these skills together to become a competent speller.


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